Who runs the program and teaches the archery? Is it someone who has expertise and passion for archery?
Pastor Ron oversees the whole program. We have many NASP – BAI certified instructors to teach the students and yes there is absolutely expertise and passion for archery.
Are there other adults/teens involved in the program that help lead it?
Yes there are other adults/young adults that help lead the program. Every person involved is NASP – BAI certified, qualified and capable of leading the class. We have 10+ instructors that teach archery. We take archery seriously and we have lots of fun. 
What does a typical meeting look like?
The class is 90 minutes. When the students arrive they begin in a classroom with a devotion (devotions always begin on time) Once they finish, there is a short snack time and restroom break. They are lead in prayer then begin their archery instruction. Parents can stay and watch or they may leave and come back if they have something to do.
Do the students need to buy their own equipment?
All equipment is provided for their use during instruction. There is nothing for you to purchase. It is also required that we use only the specified equipment for this program.
Do you make equipment recommendations?
Pastor Ron is very qualified to make equipment recommendations. If you would like to see him for recommendations just let Pastor Ron or another instructor know and it can be arranged.
Is there any other information you think would be good to share? There is lots to share but this one is best left for discussion in person or experience 🙂
When does the January session start? Which night of the week? Times?
We announce and advertise a NEW BEGINNERS class every year mid to late January. This first 8 week session is foundational to the whole program. Even Students who have practiced archery in the past but have not been involved with Centershot must begin with this foundational 8 weeks. Once a student has completed the first 8 weeks they may take any scheduled class offered that fits their schedule in no particular order. The schedule is worked out based on interest (new and existing students and based on a min of 6 and max of 12 per class), instructor availability and space availability. Scheduling has been Thursday am 9-10:30, Thursday PM 7-8:30, Saturday 10:00-11:30 & 12-1:30.
What is the cost for the program? Is there a registration fee or equipment fee?
The only cost is registration. $45 for 1 child, $35 for second and $20 for 3rd not to exceed $100 per family. Financial assistance is available for those who qualify. This covers everything, all the required equipment & maintenance. Students also receive a Centershot Team T-shirt.
How many weeks does it run?
Each session runs 8 weeks. We have 6 different sessions to progress through and each session has new classroom devotions.
Can a student advance in the program and continue taking classes even when they are no longer a beginner?
Absolutely they can! This is International Style Target Archery. Students will have an opportunity to compete with their peers in State and National Tournaments. Please see www.centershot.org for more details or you can speak with Pastor Ron.  We also offer other opportunities for the kids to keep active in archery. This past summer we had a few “archery camp days” set for them to come shoot archery games to get practice and have fun. Whether they could make any or all the days was up to the students family. There is no cost for this. Pastor Ron can teach all kinds of archery and is passionate about archery and the kids so he is always thinking of how to keep them active with archery.