Hello Everyone,
I hope this email finds you all staying well,
Here is the current updates that will affect our scheduling for the immediate future including Good Friday and now through to May 4th 2020. See Pastor Dave’s Update below this email. I have included links to the Emergency Orders #16 & #17 for your information if you have any questions.
We are still required to keep with the NH restriction on gatherings to 9 people or less now in effect until May 4th. Service on Sundays will be streamed on Facebook Live until further notice.
Watch and Pray on Friday evening will continue to meet in the sanctuary for only the first 9 people to arrive.
PRAISE REPORT! We STILL have ZERO reports of any positive tests for covid19 within our church family. Even further, no one has been in contact with anyone that is sick.
Prayers for the Lord to keep you and all stay well!
Update from Pastor Dave
Here’s the short section (see below) of the new NH Emergency order (#17) that applied to churches. Emergency order 16 is the one that mandates scheduled gatherings for certain organizations to be limited to no more than 9 people. 
So we’ll continue our current plan to proceed with Friday evening “Watch & Pray” at 6pm for no more than 9 people and to Livestream Sunday morning service at 10:30 am for everyone except those who need to be there to make the service available to others.
“This order shall not apply to any church, synagogue, mosque or other house of worship, provided that those organization must still comply with emergency Order #16.”
March 21st
Friday night & Sunday morning update !!
Hello church family,
A quick update from Pastor Ron and I as we look ahead to the next few days.
Watch & Pray is still scheduled for 6 pm Friday evening, but with a maximum of 9 people in keeping with the White House request to limit gatherings which is in effect at least through March 30th.

At this point we’d only cancel Friday night prayer if and when we hear that someone from church has tested positive for the virus or recently been around someone who has. And should we have to cancel our “in-person” meeting we could still plan to set aside that time for prayer and could do a Facebook live meeting. So, hope to see up to 10 of us gathering for prayer tomorrow night.

If you’re wondering about Sunday morning service, we will be following the same 9 person limit which would cover the next two Sundays, but will be experimenting tomorrow to see if we can offer an immediate Facebook live viewing option so you can watch and listen to the service live on Sunday morning (or at a later time, if you choose). Once our testing is done tomorrow afternoon, we’ll provide an update to clarify the plan for Sunday morning service. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we work through this situation one step at a time and remember to “be prayerful in all things”.
Pastor Dave